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Tis the Season

It's all too common this season

To lose ourselves in haste

There are so many things to do

And we have no time to waste

It's sometimes sad to think we've let

Our lives become so full

And what is taking up our time?

So caught in push and pull

A lot of effort's spent these days

Comparing “yours” to “mine”

What we have and who we are

Should make us feel sanguine

'Cause what makes life so challenging

Is what makes it unique

We all have goals, we all have dreams

Our bliss is what we seek

I think of you and all your strain

And hope you reap rewards

For you are worth your weight in gold

And all that gold affords

But most of all I hope you are

Fulfilled from all you do

I've never seen such strength within

That I’ve seen inside of you

So I send this wish to all this night

Of peace and harmony

I wish you endless tides of joy

And tranquil waves at sea…

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