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To Joke, Or Not to Joke...

To joke, or not to joke, that is the question:

Whether ‘tis nobler to cheekily mention

The slings and the arrows we feel are outrageous

Though laughter that burbles is surely contagious

Oppose them some do, oh those surly nay-sayers

Trample the joy of the cheeky joke-players

To cry is to weep, and to die is to sleep

And to merry-make is not a cut that’s too deep

To laugh is to dream, and to tickle the nub

Is a shield from the dour, makes cheerful the hub

Tis nothing more bleak than a life full of toil

Makes one want to shuffle off this mortal coil

For who would bear drudge if they could not release

Through simple jape settled to spoof, josh and tease?

I mean who can keep a straight face in the telling

Of “Pull at my finger… what is that you’re smelling!?”

To grunt and to sweat is to live weary life

Tis lessened when heard, “Won’t you please take my wife?”

Propriety makes us hard-hearted poltroons

When all we desire is drink-filled balloons!

So those without humour may cast pale their thoughts

Exist in the mirthless cold world they have wrought

Plod slowly to end, with no frolic to urge

Just tears upon tears, be their funereal dirge

And those who cajole, who are pithy and wry

Shall leave us in stitches, until day we too die…

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