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To Love And Be Loved

* Illustration reference:

Photo by Shalyn Nelson of her grandparents

Wanda and Joe.

They’ve always been there as sturdy as oak

A fountain of wisdom, each word they have spoke

Their presence you seek, when a jam you are in

For a gentle back-pat or soft chuck on the chin

Their lives full of worry, you haven’t a clue

As they work really hard just to keep it from you

Yet there’d be no surprise if when given a choice

They’d never give up all the mess and the noise

It’s the chaos of life that is also most merry

Makes lighter the weight of the load we all carry

This fast moving train that is speeding with fury

The landscape we pass is so unclear and blurry

We must hang on to what we feel is most stable

And often it’s them who appears strong and able

They offer relief though their own back is breaking

And often they give so much more than they’re taking

And when they are gone, oh their presence is missed

The things left unsaid make the saddest of lists

We wish and we stress that our thanks were still felt

We’d take sharp words back if we thought it could help

There’s little good anguish can do in the end

Don’t live with the heartache lamenting can’t mend

Instead fill your soul with the best memories

The warmth that they bring will set your mind at ease

Their spirit is what the best dreams are made of

And peace comes in knowing they loved and were loved…

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