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To The Last Breath

Medusa, marble sculpture

by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1630

Women are prerogative, authority come due

Not harried harpy, battle-ax, the ogress or the shrew

Born with instincts sharp as nails, savvy are her gifts

Keeper of the earth she is, by weight she daily lifts

Pushed to the front, like trophy, then shut down like unwired switch

She’s put upon a pedestal yet cat-called “ugly bitch”

Required to work day and night, but do not pay her fairly?

Still gives her all without a qualm, quite honestly and squarely

She rises to the challenge and will come through to the end

Yet even showered with success, she must back down to men?

The time is now, it’s always been, to not take lying down

The efforts that long fastened her with chains to slanted ground

The patriarchy gasps last breath, and plans to go down fighting

So unaware of powder keg their folly is igniting

Consider this fair warning that the battle lines are struck

And women have long history of never giving up

Token gestures are banal, and will always be

Women do not need one day, we claim eternity!

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