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Try Me...

I shall never be the thing you crave

For I will not, for you, behave

Nor meet what you call expectations

Or follow rules on claimed relations

I will not be kept in a box

No matter if you fasten locks

And open wide to swallow key

My fists will bleed till I am free

There is no offer you can trade

For who I am can’t be unmade

And though I see you fume with ire

I’ll set your animosity on fire

And roast your ego where I’m at

And baste your vanity with fat

And rend its flesh with sharpened teeth

This woman who you’d grind beneath

Your leathered sole until I squeal

And promise at that foot to kneel

To dictate what is reverential

And use this to quash my potential

But underestimate me at your peril

You think me prim, but I’ll turn feral

For at my core, omnipotence

I dare you now, from this day hence

To reap the yield from seed you sow-

You’ll WISH my wrath is all you know…

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