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Like shadow of the second oldest

Not shrinking violet, nor deemed the boldest

As working day, can seem reductive

Yet did you know it’s most productive?

You think that Tuesday lacks a fashion?

It’s known as day of verve and passion!

If yesterday you slumped and snoozed

To get things done, this day you choose

If you are prone to loll and lag

At work you feel the day can drag

Take opportunity instead

Get fired up, wear colour red!

Look forward to the end of work

For Tuesday has some awesome perks

For at your favourite fast food joint

It’s where you get to save some coin

It’s twofer Tuesday, two for one

If you like cheap dates, have some fun!

You’ll find good deals on movie seats

Discounted price on all your treats

So welcome Tuesday with a smile

For full of grace is Tuesday’s child

It might not be the time for rest

But second-day might be the best!

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