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Uncharted Waters

*Illustration reference: Fulton County Jail

Each one of us has fatal flaw

He thought himself above the law

Be that it may, no ego boost

Tis more a chicken’s home to roost

Some think this without precedent

No mugshot stands, where president

Within our infant history

That’s rocked with vile proclivity

Known to exist, but here it is

(And boy, does Trump look really pissed)

You’d think that this one for the books

Would garner more a charming look

But Trump has written on blank page

With most abnormal acts of rage

That he will not go into night

Without the most prodigious fight

There’s never quiet in his sphere

And that is what has got us here…

So take deep breath, no time for laughter

On voyage in uncharted water

There is no rest, no setting sun

Until we see some justice done!

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