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We Must Be True

*Illustration reference:

300 year old statue of Lady Justice overseeing

the Well of Justice at Frankfurts Roemer Square / Germany

If you were sick I’d care for you

If needed, I’d be there for you

If you’d no money I would pay

If fighting, I would join the fray

In ways that matter, fair and righteous

I’ll be your torch, I’ll shine the brightest

Without integrity we’re lost

Adrift at sea, cruel waves will toss

With ruthlessness we draw a line

It’s through this act we are defined

The world is vast, our clashes many

Divergences, of which there’s plenty

Does not negate that we’re selfsame

To live, let live, threads through our aims

So should we feel resentment rise

Be spurred to hurt those we despise

I beg, dig deep, find better self

Do right by being something else

Protect each other, what we do

One thing to be? We must be true

For if we hoard most greedily

Seek shallow, empty destiny

Tis self-fulfilling prophecy

We make it so? So it will be…

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