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What Does One Do?

What does one do?

When piercing stares of anger loom,

Harshly judge my point of view

Condemns me to a life of doom

Why can’t I hide?

I’ve always done, and it worked

Till youthful zeal mourned when it died,

For rules round every corner lurked.

Drained my every inch of soul

Empty not to fill again,

Split and never to be whole

No day is lived not lived in vain

For centuries have passed

Infinite in lessons given,

Not just a tutor’s rule harassed

The real test is in the living

But on deaf ears it falls

In front of blinded eyes it slips,

Doors are locked to hallowed halls

Calumny of faith, it strips.

But to the last of breaths

I go hard and fast while grasping

No doubt to die a thousand deaths

Yet hope, each gulp, worth gasping!

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