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Winter Wishes

It doesn't matter how you go

About your business as it snows

If you celebrate this season

Or shirk it for whatever reason

This month is meant for many things

And for the many things it brings

And by the things I do not mean

The stuff on which we spend our “green”

I want to make this life feel real

Open hearts like gifts reveal

Take opportunities we get

To let go of things we regret

Ensure this simple message sent

Is heartfelt gesture that's well meant

All through the chill of cold December

Make you feel you are remembered

This is what I want to do

With these few words impart to you

A wintry wish, a warm embrace

Hope life is full of peaceful grace

That you receive as you will give

And have the life you want to live

And be the one that I call Friend

That's how I want this year to end…

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