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Wishful Thinking

Everyday we have the choice

Of what we do or don't

Of what we should or shouldn't

Of what we will or won't

Each day is filled with moments

That need decisions made

Will we always think things through

Will all plans be well laid?

Most often we will have to choose

Based on experience

I can only hope that we

Employ our common sense

But when we choose unwisely

Or conceit gets in the way

When often sunk to cruelty

In things we do and say

When we won’t acknowledge that

Our neighbour’s feelings matter

We do away with decency

The fragile balance shatters

This is not the way the world

Can overcome its ills

Hopelessness must never win

We need our strength of will

It's time to show some fortitude

Stoutheartedness and spine

Never lose your dignity

When others cross that line

It might be wishful thinking though

A fool's philosophy

To be one who finds good in all

And worth in all they see

But it’s a dream I will not yield

And one I share with you

For unbridled optimism in

This world’s long overdue!

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