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With Gratitude

You know those days, where quiet reigns

Of muted joys and lessened strains

Your feet nor mind cross many paths

There are no tears, nor belly laughs

Just everything seems in its place

I treasure days of scaled-down pace

A gift when we are free of toil

For many strain in endless moil

I must remember to be humble

As miles away, the world has crumbled

I'm truly fortunate, I know

For chance and luck protects me so

And thankful I may dwell in peace

Such privilege, my life of ease

Granted such entitlement

Is wasted when it’s wildly spent

A half a century has taught

Me that like fish in net is caught

There are as many swimming free

So best to live judiciously

With thoughtfulness and gratitude

Keep purpose and intentions good

For there’s no telling I may yet

Be heedless fish next caught in net…

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