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World of Promise

Let us dream of the day

When we all get along

And a voice raised in shouting

Is made sweet with a song

A day when you're giving

Much more than you're taking

When a hand raised in conflict

Is outstretched for friend-making

Where differences settled

Without stress and trauma

Are accepted wholehearted

Bereft of false drama

Where bridges are built

Instead of destroyed

Most problems are solved

That we tend to avoid

When wishes for peace

Are not hollowly preached

And calls for prompt action

Are soundly beseeched

Trust there's a time

When a whisper's too quiet

When we see talk is cheap

And there's none left to buy it

Have we've reached the age

When we rise to occasion

And injustice is met with

Some healthy hell-raisin'?

Perhaps we shall see

With this new generation

An optimist's future

But a stern declaration

Beware falling back

To mistakes long-in-tooth

A new sheriff's in town

And its first name is Truth

When sincerely it's asked

Who will answer that call

And a world full of promise

Is made one and for all

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