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*Illustration reference:

Lord Byron by Henry Pierce Bone

Oh what an invention, social media

For we that shone and blazed in shadow;

Now you come each day to be in awe

Those who cannot wait to follow;

Search my bio on Wikipedia,

I care not if you think me shallow.

I did not live this life to be unrecognized -

But to be revered, pet and idolized.

See every angle of my angelic face

In a posture that is ever pleasing;

Never a moment shall go to waste

Every chance to grandstand I’m seizing;

Each detail curated so it be placed,

Insatiable are desires I’m squeezing

A million views and more still counting -

Not content till mountains are a-mounting.

I would never wish, till my dying day

To have ever toiled in obscurity;

Nor go unheard, for such things I’ve to say

Such influence I will have o’er thee;

Though there be no reason to have such sway,

In the words of Paul McCartney, “Let it be.”

Oh what power in the co-opting of -

All the words that ere be spoken on love.

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