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Writers Block

*illustration reference, Leonid Pasternak's painting,

"The Passion of Creation" (1899)

I’m finally at a loss for words

This daily writing’s for the birds!

I’ve done my duty every day

Yet now said all I want to say

It’s so annoying, without thinking

(Almost enough to start me drinking)

I set this task that seemed so quaint

I tell you now, oh no it ain’t!

A poem needs to still have meaning

To give it less is so demeaning

I simply cannot “whip it out”

That’s not what this was all about

I wanted to evoke a feeling

And hope you found them so appealing

I think I did, well, up till now

But still got through this block somehow

I think this qualifies as poem

(Too bad in garden I can’t grow ‘em)

Yet here we are! I found a way

Though tomorrow is another day…

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