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Ye Ol' Crockpot

Now that winter's settled in

To drive us round the bend

Dust that old appliance off

A busy life's best friend

It's been handed down to you

Or bought on Amazon

Is it fancy Instant Pot?

One minute dinner's done?

I myself a simple cook

Have needs quite simple too

High and low, or maybe warm

One dial is all that's due

You load it up with lots of stuff

If time's not what you've got

Requires not a lot of fuss

Your hardest working pot

Soup or stew, a sauce or roast

It makes a pudding too!

Simmering for hours on end

Food's waiting there for you

So if you're out of house all day

No time to watch the clock?

Dinner's just 8 hours away

If you'll just rock the crock!

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