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Yeehaw In Your Heart

*Illustration reference: "Palta" featured on @weratedogs

There’s joylessness in cloudy sums

Pervades our thoughts till we become

Morose with gloom, quite paralyzed

Because that block grows quite outsized

Frustrating part, we know the score

We’ve headed down this path before

Let bad news, troubles, overwhelm

As doleful thinking runs pell mell -

What breaks the cycle, eases pain

Gives us the verve to smile again?

Just find a bit of cheer or sport

That stops you feeling out of sorts

A lovely moment remembered long

Sneak treacly treat, queue favourite song

A funny pic of grouchy cats

A chihuahua wearing cowboy hat…

Get out of doldrums is a start

By yeeting yeehaw in your heart!

Some quirk in day has never hurt

Go off menu, start with dessert!

Life’s craziness is all we’ve got

And whimsy hits the sweetest spots

Absurdity moves angst along

Before you know it, the blues are gone!

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