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Yes, You May!

My children, how can I express

Which things of motherhood are best

When wee and needing all my care

To grown and gone and hardly there

My love unchanged, unshakeable

Devotion unmistakable

The feelings that I carry ever

Deplete in concentration? Never!

Our heritage like iron wrought

Set by examples, abstractly taught

Though good and grave are in the mix

Benevolence I hope is fixed

That what you take from all of this

You find your way, while finding bliss

The choices that you face and make

Esteem, respect left in your wake 

The best of me I hope comes through

And shines like star in all you do

There is no other perk nor prize

That brings more spark to tired eyes

And though I hardly ask or plead for

Acknowledgment? I have no need for

But wish to show me love today?

My darling ones, oh yes you may!

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