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Yet to Dream...

Was such a time, walked road, this man

Of people forced to till this land

A war was fought, but not conceded

A call for concord went unheeded

The palest heart and strongest arm

Would still do naught but ceaseless harm

He rose despite outsized suppression

With outstretched hand he fought oppression

There still were those would shackle wrists 

And burn with fire and strike with fists 

He persevered, fought vise with words 

They soared so high, took flight like bird

Though peace was yet not in his grasp

Such evil came, its aim, collapse

How cruel his life too soon was stolen

But still we fight, we're not beholden 

To those who fear where he shared love 

Who sink while others rise above 

His struggle for equality 

Through faith and hope, his legacy

Triumphant chorus still we sing

Fulfill his dream, let freedom ring!

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