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You. Will. Not. Win.

You comin’ for my right to choose?

That battle’s one you’re gonna lose

You want to put chains on my uterus?

You know damn well what that will do to us

The year is twenty-twenty four

I thought we’d shut that goddamn door

And pad-o’-locked that deadbolt tight

But now you’ve got us in your sights

For motherhood is lifelong role

And not one that needs your control

To force birth is a thing obscene

But that’s exactly what you mean

In antiquated screed you’re mired

With rhetoric that’s old and tired

It doesn’t matter to you ghouls

You zealots! You’re unstable fools

You’ve made this issue white or black

Your strategy? Advance, attack

You think you’ve morals? They’re what you lack

You’re only goal, to send us back

To rules and laws from way back when

That obliges women to all men

To tie us down, to be in service

Two steps ahead? You will reverse us

You’ll choke us to our dying breath

You’d bring us to the brink of death -

No, we have fought too far, too long

Not woman weak, but woman strong

Be careful what you reap, you’ll sow

We’ll take this far as it must go

To have dominion is no sin

Dare try to take it? You. Will. Not. Win.

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